Tablets in Barcelona within Erasmus+

Zdeněk Polák and Jan Preclík attended a course entitled Tap-Swipe-Pinch in Barcelona. The course organized by a Finnish company, Euneos, focused on the use of touchscreen devices (especially tablets and smartphones) in teaching/learning. It was mentored by two tutors (from Slovenia and the UK) and the 28 participants came from 11 countries. The content of the course was focused mainly on presentations of particular applications and their use in class and covered nearly 40 applications ranging from the basic ones from the Google family to special applications aimed at individual subjects. The themes discussed involved “Paperless Classroom” and “Inquiry Based Learning” concluded by a team work on creating, editing and publication of a short video. Further, Zdeněk and Jan learned about the use of games and gaming principles in class (Gamification) and were familiarised with practical examples of tablet use in the teaching process.