Language Course in Brighton, UK

In July 2015, Ivana Matěnová attended a language-focused course organized by St. Giles International Language School, Brighton, Great Britain. Her aim was to improve her language skills so that she could use elements of English in her subjects, biology and mathematics, and prepare students interested in the university studies of these subjects better. The lessons within the course were varied and employed different methods and materials, which Ivana had not encountered while studying English in Czech schools. She appreciated the professional and friendly approach of the teachers. She also got involved in afternoon social activities, such as a bike trip, salsa classes, cream tea, yoga course). Ivana believes that her stay in the UK improved her English language skills as well as increased her courage to communicate in this language. In her biology lessons, she will be able to use the vocabulary related to the themes of human body, health, plants and animals within the CLIL method.

Intensive English including British Culture and Literature Course

In June and July 2015, Lukáš Zapadlo attended a course named Intensive English including British Culture and Literature in one of the branches of worldwide-known language school Kaplan based in Leicester Square, London. The largely interactive learning process involved both language and culture studies focusing mainly on grammar and vocabulary, especially phrasal verbs, prepositions and various conversational themes connected to London‘s culture and life. The classes were aslo very interactive. The experienced tutors often used diversed teaching materials including short videos or various authentic materials. The course was based on Kaplan Key Notes Advanced textbooks. In his lessons, he would like to use activities from the printed material, especially activating and warm-up exercises, which he recieved during the course. He will also use activities based on a video from the well-known American TV programme, MythBusters.

Erasmus+ in Valencia, Spain

Lucie Pavlíčková attended a two-week teacher training course in Valencia in August 2015. The course was organized by Hispania Language School, which had been elected the best Spanish language teaching institution in the past two years. She most appreciated the individual approach of the teachers as well as their teaching methods. Besides the actual course, she could perform job-shadowing activities in lessons of various levels and discuss them subsequently with a tutor in her one-to-one classes. What she will never forget is one day of learning the language on the beach, which she especially values as an obvious motivating factor. On top of her classes, Lucie also attended a talk on history of the city, took a flamenco lesson, visited the Oceanography museum and Science Museum, learned to prepare traditional drinks such as Ague de Valencia or Sangria. She believes such study stays are largely beneficial for both teachers and their students.

Erasmus+ Course in London

On June 8-12 2015, Štěpán Nosek participated in a course entitled British Culture for Teachers of English as a Foreign Language organized by Language Link, London. The course concentrated on British culture from both historical and modern perspectives. It aimed at issues that currently resonate in the British society (advantages and problems associated with multiculturalism, Scottish separatism, relation of British people to European institutions, non-British capital as part of British economy, youth culture, evolution of British English, social tensions or educational reforms). Štěpán was especially benefited with the possibility to share teaching methods of British culture dissemination with other teachers on the course (most of whom came from Denmark and Italy) and exchange experience of various western educational systems. He also believes to be able to use the contacts with other participants of the course to establish further project cooperation with their institutions. (more…)

Erasmus+: Ireland

In 2015, Lukáš Zapadlo attended a two-week language, methodological and cultural course at The Linguaviva Centre, a language school in the centre of the capital of Ireland. The programme of the course consisted of general English language course with the emphasis on conversation and comprehension improvement in the mornings and afternoon individual lessons focusing on methodology of English language teaching as well as Irish culture, history and literature. What he particularly appreciated was gaining a general overview not only of the course of Irish literature, but also the evolution of contemporary Irish identity and language. He also acquired a lot of knowledge related to the history of Dublin. He feels particularly benefited with the opportunity to share his teaching experience with other students involved. Apart form of the course, Lukáš participated in a number of trips to plenty of Irish places of interest, such as Cliffs of Moher, Galway or Wicklow Mountains, organized by the school and travel agencies.

Job Shadowing in Georgsmarienhuette

In March 2015, Jitka Fišerová and Šárka Škodová performed a five-day study stay at the Oesede gymnasium (grammar school) in Georgsmarienhütte, Germany. Their stay at the secondary school, which has collaborated with Jiráskovo gymnasium as a partner and exchange institution for more than 20 years, was particularly focused on job-shadowing activities. Their aim was, above all, to acquire knowledge of the partner school’s organization of the educational process, use of new technologies for teaching purposes, management of school life, excursions or other extra-curricular activities as well as organization of the student exchanges. Besides the job-shadowing and inspection activities in the lessons of selected subjects followed by analytical interviews with the teachers, they got involved with events connected to a one-week school project named Management Information Game, organized by the school in cooperation with a local business and industrial body.