Erasmus+ in Scotland

Between October 3 and 17, Zuzana Felklová and Věra Ševeleva participated in Language and Methodology Refresher Course in Edinburgh School of English. The initial classes of various conversational activities were followed by an intensive course of English, in which they dealt with, for instance, idioms, grammar and different language phenomena in contemporary English. All the course was performed on Level C2. The afternoon part of the course focused largely on methodology of teaching English. What Věra and Zuzana highly acknowledged was the social and cultural aspect of the lessons and seminars as they could discuss different approaches to learners with participants from various countries. The lessons usually lasted until 5 p.m. and the evenings were devoted to project preparation and writing homework. During their two-week stay, Věra and Zuzana also visited a number of places of interest around Scotland including Glasgow, Loch Lomond, the castle of Stirling and Aberfoyle, a picturesque village in central Scotland.