Erasmus+ Malta

At the beginning of the school year 2015/16, Zdena Jirková and Helena Lubasová attended a two-week course entitled Practical Methodology of English arranged by ACE English School in St Julians, Malta. Thanks to the intensive nature (six lessons a day) of the course, they gained an insight into new trends of language teaching in Malta as well as Great Britain. Their tutors also focused on the four main competences in language learning – listening comprehension, reading comprehension, grammar and speaking. They appreciated the course was rendered in a relaxed atmosphere corresponding to the local slogan ‘no rush!’. The course was concluded with their own lesson, in which Zdena and Helena were to present new methods, they had acquired during the course, followed by a thorough critical analysis of the lesson by their mentor and head of the school.  The found the opportunity to teach in a multicultural class a very interesting and beneficial experience.