CLIL in London

In March 2016, Pavel Fišer attended a course at the Centre of English Studies, one of the six branches in the UK, in Wimbledon, London. The teachers of the school come from the UK, Ireland and NZ and aim at promoting the international and multicultural orientation of the school. Pavel, together with other 7 participants, could try out the role of a student and practiced all the competences such as writing, reading, listening and speaking. The main method employed in all the activities was Say + Explain + Give Example, supported by all the teaching materials and facilities like textbooks, handouts, PC, interactive board, newspaper articles. The afternoon part of the course comprised individual lessons of CLIL method. Pavel found the individual lessons most beneficial as he could, by means of discussion and sharing experience, go over all the stages of CLIL learning, i. e. the stages focusing on the content, communication, cognition, culture (tolerance, respect, cooperation), internationalism and motivation.